Orange County

December 15th, 2018

What You Receive

  • $10 Donation to the “Charity Team” you sign up under
  • Official 12 Bars of Charity Team Shirt
  • (2 PM – 6 PM) Bar Specific Drink Specials at all participating 12 Bars
  • Note: There is no shuttle for OC as the furthest distance between participating bars is 0.2 miles

How It Works

  • Register Online for $30+ tax/fees
  • Bring printed ticket & ID to registration the night of the pub crawl
  • Pick up sweatshirt and other items at registration (see bottom of page)
  • Start pub crawl! There is no start or end point for the pub crawl. Start and end at any bar you please! Must have a wristband to receive drink specials.

All tickets are non-refundable.


GSROC is a volunteer-driven organization. They are funded entirely by private donations and receive no government support. Dogs for adoption are housed in foster home situations and in private boarding facilities.

Despite recent spay/neuter efforts, pet overpopulation continues to cost 6-8 million companion dogs and cats their lives every year. Of this figure, more than 25% are purebred animals. They believe that by focusing on the niche that we know best—German Shepherd Dogs—and by placing the dogs in suitable, lifelong homes, they can significantly reduce the number of animal lives that are lost in our immediate area.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Orange County was founded more than 100 years ago and is the community’s largest donor- and volunteer-supported mentoring network, serving more than 3,300 children each year. The organization creates meaningful, monitored matches between adult volunteers (“Bigs”) and children (“Littles”). Big is a board that supports the efforts of Big Brothers Big Sisters OC, helping to raise money to fund more matches. The board is comprised of a group of young, energetic OC professionals, committed to raising funds and awareness. Big is excited to be a part of 12 Bars of Charity and we are excited to raise funds to support the youth of OC. Join our team and help us make a difference!

The Pacific Marine Mammal Center rescues, rehabilitates and releases marine mammals and inspires ocean stewardship through research, education and collaboration.

An important part of marine mammal recovery is ongoing research. Research is being done to find the pathological conditions that affect the marine mammals of Southern California. Only through funding this research are they able to discover the cause-effect relationships that can help us to understand the best means to rehabilitate marine mammal patients.

Orange County Pit Bull Rescue is a passionate group of people whose goal it is to protect and take care of Pit Bulls through education, advocacy, rescue and community outreach. OCPBR seeks to improve the perception of Pit Bull type dogs, promote good ownership through encouraging the treatment of dogs as family members, help keep dogs out of the shelter and in homes, and create more fulfilling relationships between Pit Bulls and their families.
Kristie’s Foundation is dedicated to the mission of providing support, assistance and cherished moments to critically ill children and their families.
Their focus is on end-of-life care for children and support for the family that loves them.

The mission of Patriots and Paws is providing returning Veterans/active Military and their immediate families with home furnishings, and unite them with a rescued animal. Their veterans/active military can get help with housing in the forms of special loans and a special type of HUD housing, but with a roof over there head, many don’t have basic things like dishes, sheets, a couch, end table, etc.

That is where they fill the gap and help veterans, active military and their immediate families with furniture and small necessities needed. The animals also help provide companionship therapy for the Veterans and their families against post-traumatic stress.


HomeAid Orange County’s vision to end homelessness starts at the core – where does someone go when they suddenly find themselves without a home? HomeAid gives children and their parents, along with individuals, the opportunity to move from benches to beds to self-sufficiency.
HomeAid achieves its mission through advocacy, development (of shelters) and service.
Having trouble trying to decide which charity to support? Support them all!
Become an Ultimate Giver. By pledging $100: $75 goes back to ALL participating charities (split evenly). You also receive a 12 Bars of Charity 32 oz. mug, $25 gift card to one of the participating bars (pulled at random when you check-in), and a limited edition white hoodie with gold text.

Help Support the First Year in OC!

About the Event

The 12 Bars of Orange County was created to help local charities build awareness, attract local members, and raise money for their organizations. In addition, we aim to drive revenue to the local bars and restaurants. This being it’s second year, we are expecting to raise over $7,000 for local Orange County charities! When you purchase a ticket, $10 goes directly to the charity you sign up under.

Registration Instructions

December 15th 12:00pm-4:00pm

The day of the pub crawl you will need to check in and pick up your items at Legends Surf City.  Your team check-in will be stationed inside Legends. A valid 21+ photo id & printed or emailed copy of your ticket is required for pick up. All unclaimed items left after the event will be donated to the charities.

** Note: There is no shuttle for OC as the furthest proximity of the bars is 0.2 miles **

Participating Bars